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Twelve Lines That Are Synonymous With Nigerian Music

1) I Will Take You – This is a line you are almost certain to hear in a Nigerian song. Artistes that are recording in slums and struggle to book studio sessions are so in love with this particular line. You see someone who is still living in Ajegunle screaming “I will take you to London, I will take you to Paris, I will take you higher, i will take you to Toronto….and many more fantasy lands.

2) I Get Money – I get money, I get Dollars, I get pounds. Most of this artistes have not even see real dollars and pounds, not to talk of holding it or possessing these currencies to the extent of spending it yafun yafun or on girls. I will spray you pounds and dollars, I get plenty money, I get money, my money dey overflow, the only competition I get na Dangote…

3) Back Then When I Was Broke/ In The Ghetto – Every Nigerian artiste is never rich from the start. They must always come from the gutter. Even the ones with a billionaire father will say “I remember when I had no money in my bank account“. Nigerian artistes believe they have to create a feeling that they suffered and hustled to the top with no dime. This is in order to connect with the crowd that listen to them. No recent Nigerian album where a track wouldn’t be on how the artist used to drink garri with no water or walk to studio to and fro with one shoe.

4) Ladies / Baby / Love – Almost all songs, our Nigerian girls are referred to as babies.. baby comman take chocolate, baby oo gimme love, baby na you i want.. Baby is usually accompanied with the word love.

5) Eh and yeh – Eh …. yeba ooo ehen ehen.. I thank God for blessing .. you will hear one background eh ehen… ehen ehen.. what are you ehen ehen ??…. ye oo baby.. ye .. ah ah … yeh yeh.. this is the official Ad-libs for most Nigerian songs.

6) Low – Nigeria artistes will never tell you to go high …… there is almost an 100 percent certainty you will hear this in any Nigerian club track. Bend down low, go down low, wine it low, shake it low, take it slow…. A sure item in nigerian tracks.

7) Haters – Haters that said they would not blow. They would not make it. Nigerian artistes must constantly fire back at them in their lyrics.

8) Am Killing / I Am The King – Bragging right… I have been killing this since primary four, I be killing all the beat. Na me be king … king for where? Naija rappers are sitting on this table.

9) Yoruba – It almost certain to hear a yoruba line on 90 percent of Nigerian songs. Lagos been the capital of entertainment and everyone is trying to break into the Lagos market might been the reason for artistes decision to drop one or two yoruba lines in their song, mostly oya jo, beremole, omoge and many more.

10) On The Mix / Producer Tag – You must hear this one. It’s someone that sha mixed and mastered the track and in the Nigerian music scene, it is by fire by force that you mention the sound engineer name at the end of the track or your track no go blow. The name of the producer is also very essential.

11) Barca / Ibadi – Baby, this your barca, When i see her barca, She carry gan, Her Ibadi Na Gbege. These are lines that is almost sure that you hear in Naija tracks. I will give u designer, she say she want designer and this barca go reach my final…. ‘ sighs.

12) God – Most times, in appreciation to God and trying to shame haters, they give thanks to God. Na God do am, God pass them, Na God bin day for me, Who God has blessed, let no man curse.


Olaoluwa Idowu
Olaoluwa Idowu
Olaoluwa Idowu a.k.a Iamsynord is an entertainment lawyer, writer and music enthusiast. He enjoys anything relating to the entertainment industry and he is an advocate for the dissemination of intellectual property knowledge to creatives across Africa.

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