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Olu Maintain Biography, Career, and Achievement

Olu Maintain is a recording artist, songwriter, and performer from Nigeria. Olumide Edwards Adegbulu (born September 1976), better known as Olu Maintain who is also known as Mr. Yahooze, is a Nigerian singer. With his cousin, Tolu Ogunniyi, he co-founded the musical group Maintain. Adeboye Bammeke, better known as Big Bamo, joined the group, which released six albums between 1998 and 2004 and featured hit songs such as “I Catch Cold,” “Domitila,” and “Alo” before disbanding in 2004.

Olu Maintain gained recognition in May 2007 with the release of the hit song “Yahooze” from his debut studio album, Yahooze (2007), and a second album, Maintain Reloaded (2008). In the single “Kowonje,” he collaborated with Big Bamo. At the Nigeria Entertainment Awards, “Yahooze” was named Hottest Single of the Year.

“Yahooze” by Olu Maintain was the turning point for an open declaration of support for internet fraud and extravagant spending by a “A list” artiste, which is now the norm in the Nigeria music industry. In 2008, he performed “Yahooze” at the Royal Albert Hall in London, bringing on stage former US Secretary of State Colin Powell.

He was born in Lagos State, western Nigeria, in September 1976, but he is originally from Ondo State, southwestern Nigeria. His parents are both medical professionals; his father is a doctor and his mother is a nurse. He earned a diploma certificate in accounting from The Polytechnic of  Ibadan in 2001, but he began his music career in 1997. Domitila, his debut album, was released the same year. In October 1998, the music was televised.

On July 27, 2009, he released the album With All Due Respect, Press Play, which included the hit single “What a Man Can Do” with Kentro World. In January 2012, he released the single “Nawti,” which won Best Video of the Year and Best Reggae/Dancehall Video of the Year at the Nigeria Music Video Awards. On January 4, 2013, he released two songs: “Hypnotize Me,” which featured 50 Cent and Olivia, and “Oya Dancia,” which featured Fatman Scoop.

Olu Maintain is a Nigerian pop superstar who has been entertaining vast numbers of music fans with his viral hooks and melodic timeless tunes for over a decade. His distinct music paints a vivid picture with his words on a consistent basis and smoothly transports the listener into his world. An ultimate storyteller whose themes revolve around the good life, admiration for the beauty of women, happiness, and the desire to be at the top at all times.

He changed course and took the industry by surprise once more in 2012. He took a risk with the release of the slow burner hit single “Nawti,” and the success of this killer record surprised his critics. After releasing the video, it received over 300,000 views on YouTube in less than 48 hours.

“In any field, your first primary objection is to stand out and not get lost in the crowd,” he says in response to why he took this risk. “I stepped outside of my comfort zone to do something new, something I’d never done before: a reggae beat. I’m sure people will appreciate its uniqueness.” “I’d like to thank everyone who watched the video for appreciating my risk.” NAWTI was one of the year’s most popular songs.

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He received several awards for the song, including Best Video of the Year at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in New York and Best Reggae/Dancehall Video of the Year at the Nigeria Music Video Awards. And now, with the release of two songs in the beginning of 2013, Olu Maintain is certain to be ready for greater exploits.

With the release of Hypnotize in January 2013, he reaffirmed his commitment to dominating the music industry and the hearts of music fans worldwide. A melodious song with well-arranged strings that will captivate first listeners. Olu Maintain  and Olivia’s smooth vocal delivery on the song makes it a classic collaboration. Olu Maintain stated that it is high time for him to keep releasing something new

Awards and Nominations

Hottest Single of the Year at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2008.

Nigeria Entertainment Awards for Best Video of the Year at the Nigerian Music Video Awards in 2012.

Best Reggae/Dancehall Video of the Year at the Nigerian Music Video Awards in 2012.

City People Movie Special Recognition Award (2016).

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