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Odumodublvck: The New King of Abuja

He may be new to you but he is definitely not taking things lightly in the industry. Born Tochukwu Ojogwu, Odumodublvck was bred and educated in Lagos for his formative years, he moved to Abuja at the tender age of seven.

He however went back to Lagos for his tertiary education at the prestigious University of Lagos. Though he’s the only child of his mum, he has four beautiful sisters and two brothers.

His entry into the music industry was a chance encounter. In his words, ‘In 2016 I escorted my brother, Agunna to the studio. I was meant to manage him but he said, “Bro, pick up a pen and write” and that was it – I started music. I dropped my first track in 2017 and since then I haven’t looked back and I will never look back.’


He has been on the grind, working on his craft and making big moves in the industry from his base in Abuja. He made sure he performed at some of Nigeria’s biggest musical festivals, including Afro Nation and Gidi Fest, and has been featured on some of the country’s biggest radio stations, like Beat FM and Cool FM. 

It would be in 2018 that things would formally take off when he dropped a joint body of work titled ANTIWORLDGANGSTARS with REEPLAY. According to him, the project represented their opposition to the ways of the world and their disagreement with what the new world order says.


This would lead to the formation of the group ANTIWORLDGANGSTARS which had OdumoduBlvck, REEPLAY, Agunna, BLVCK, Shagba, CROSS, EKIZZY, Rebel, Deco Suave, XL spiff and Gustavo who are all based in Abuja.

He never fails to recognize the great influence of Abuja’s creative community on his career. In a 2021 interview on Pulse Touch Vol 3, OdumoduBlvck asserts, ‘Very influential. Our lifestyle is compared to those in the United Kingdom; a road lifestyle. I love Abuja so much and I told my guys and my family that this place will blow up soon. It’s a virgin land with a lot of talent. All it takes is for a very prominent figure to notice our work and that time is close. Due to my belief and way of life, some people don’t like me on the internet but what keeps me going is the love that I get on the streets of Abuja. According to my mother, it’s the most important of all.’

This dedication has finally paid off, he is now a Fast-rising Nigerian Hip Hop sensation who has brought a unique style to the game. His fusion of Afrobeat, with Drill and Grime music. According to Dazed, “His unrelenting style of drill employs high-life inspired melodies and Nigerian Pidgin English to tell vivid stories about his community and everyday experiences – his narrative style is so specific to Nigerians, it’s hard to pick up on the nuances as an outsider.” 

His most recent hit song ‘ DECLAN RICE’ is causing serious madness on social media, it earned him, his first top 10 entry on TurnTable official Nigeria Top 100 Songs chart at number 8. On 1 April 2023, “Declan Rice” led TheCable Lifestyle airplay chart at number 1 and it reached the top of Apple Music Nigeria Top Songs chart making him the first rapper to achieve the feat in 2023.

This song made its way to the actual Declan Rice, the West Ham United midfielder, who expressed happiness and satisfaction after Odumodublvck used his name in a hit track. He acknowledged Odumodublvck, one of the West African country’s top emerging rappers, for naming the single after him.

He added “It dropped and I was just happy to watch the video. I think it was the fastest streaming song in Nigeria’s history, and hearing my name was great and I want to thank him for that. It has gotten to like 15 million streams now and I have seen many people singing it also.”

An article on Naija News Today declared him ‘The New Face of African Hip-Hop’ for this generation of youths. According to the article, he is a beacon of hope that is needed more than ever. ‘In a world where the youth in Africa face countless challenges, from unemployment and poverty to political instability and insecurity, artists like Odumodublvck serve as a beacon of hope. Through his music, he inspires his listeners to push through adversity and pursue their dreams. With his unique style and powerful message, Odumodublvck is a rising star who is poised to take the African music scene by storm.’

Some of his notable achievements include a record deal with NATIVE Records in partnership with Def Jam Recordings. 

He ranked number 4 on TurnTable’s NXT Emerging Top Artistes.

Galaxy Music Awards Next Rated Artist for 2022.

OdumoduBlvck at the GMAs

An endorsement with pioneering fintech start-up Yellow Card.

He headlined Apple Music’s Rap Life Africa for April 2023.

I know this may sound cliche but I believe the best is yet to come from OdumoduBlvck the new King of Abuja with his beautiful ‘Okporoko Music’ that is reshaping the Nigerian rap scene.

Solomon Obi
Solomon Obi
Solomon Obi is a writer and content creator. He loves sharing his innate thoughts on Nigerian pop culture. His hobbies include reading and movies. We all are on a voyage of discovery to unearth the never-ending infinite of knowledge.

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