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Between The Music Producer And The Business Man – Don Jazzy

There’s a popular saying that states: “If an old woman falls down twice, one counts the things she’s carrying in her market basket.” This could be similar to what has just happened to Don Jazzy and his Mavin Records in recent years.
Reekedo Banks, a singer, who announced his departure from the music label few years back, which boasts one of Africa’s top music labels, on Instagram, sparked curiosity among industry watchers. What is going on with Don Jazzy and his Mavin Records, people wonder?
In 2013, the singer joined Mavin Records with Korede Bello and D’ija to launch their music label. Banks explained that it was a business decision and that no one, on the label was to blame.
The singer’s split was gradual, as is typical of most breakups. Reekado, whose real name is Aloleyi Solomon, said that he quitted the record label in order to pursue bigger things. He thanked Don Jazzy for making sacrifices in order to advance his profession.
He then went further to describe his efforts in helping him and the rest of the Mavin crew worthy of imitation. “A true King with a big heart, a big heart full of kindness, and a big heart eager to take in even more people,” he stated.
Reekado isn’t the only Mavin Records musician to have quit in recent years. Iyanya Mbuk also announced his departure from Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records, which he joined few years ago.
Back then in a recent interview, Iyanya confirmed his departure, stating: “He was signed to Temple Music, but he’s a Mavin for life.” He went further: It wasn’t a beef at all. “I was there, and it was time for me to leave.”
However, it was thought that the MTN Project Fame singer was fed up with life under Don Jazzy, as he was claimed to have struggled to duplicate the accomplishment that had sent him to the top of Nigeria’s music scene many years ago.
“It was because of his plan to keep pursuing ways to improve his music career, which many people believed was failing,” Iyanya later stated. In a nutshell, this claim is more complex than it appears.
Wande Coal left Mavin Records in 2013 to start his own record label, Black Diamond Entertainment. According to a report published few years ago, both parties agreed to remain silent about the situation. Nobody knows why the excellent vocalist left the record label that provided him with a large platform to succeed.
These are all strong signs that things aren’t going well for Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records. No other Mavin Records singer can brag of topping the chart this, let alone dominating the airwaves with his hit songs, with the exception of Tiwa Savage, who has released notably songs.
Dr Sid, Di’ja, D’Prince, Korede Bello, Johny Drille, and all Mavin Records signees, are claimed to be living on their past fame. Especially Korede Bello, whose song “I Don’t Get Alert…God Win” was released in 2015. The song was favorably accepted by Nigerian music fans not only in the secular but also in the religious circles when it was released that year.
‘African Princess,’ which was produced by Don Jazzy, was Korede Bello’s debut single. However, after the hit status ‘God win,’ the artist appears to be losing popularity with the passage of time. Korede Bello struggled to find success in 2017, as his self-titled album, ‘Belloved,’ failed to chart despite Wizkid allegedly supporting it on his social media accounts back then.
Because the album failed to take off, the singer experimented with various sounds, and his musical approach shifted away from what he was known for. In 2018, the singer released eight tracks, including ‘Together,’ ‘Sote,’ ‘Stamina,’ ‘Champion,’ ‘Work It,’ ‘Bless Me,’ and ‘Melanin Popping,’ all of which failed to keep up with the tempo set by ‘God Win.’
Before they departed the company, Tiwa Savage and Reekado Banks were recognized as the most impressive members of the group. Though Reekado Banks’ album “Spotlight” was supposedly panned due to a laissez-faire attitude in the record’s production. The music was rumored to have been pushed into market.
Apart from the artists, Don Jazzy, who is best known for his magic touch, has remained silent. For the acclaimed music producer and for his Mavin Records, it’s been a hard time.
Nonetheless, industry observers are pointing accusing fingers at Don Jazzy, claiming that he is acting more like a businessman than a music producer, which explains why his artists aren’t performing as well as they once did. In another quarter, though, the artists are chastised for their inability to provide outstanding hits to their fans.
Meanwhile, after the controversial closure of defunct Mo’Hits Records, which he co-owned with his erstwhile partner, D’banj, in 2012, Don Jazzy founded Mavin Records with Dr. Sid, D Prince, Tiwa Savage, Altims, and BabyFresh, his ambition was to change the Nigerian music scene.
D’banj launched his DB Records label, and the revolution began with the signing of artists such as Reekado Banks, Korede Bello, and Di’ja. The label grew by leaps and bounds in just four years, becoming Nigeria’s most organized and structured label.
Mavin Records had three in-house producers at the time, including Don Jazzy, seven artists on the roster, and a small administrative team. The label was thriving at the time, and every up-and-coming artist was eager to collaborate with Don Jazzy.
Many people believe that Don Jazzy was more concerned with packaging than with the quality of his new music. Experts believe that while starting a record label, one must be ready to push and promote “excellent music,” and that if this is not done, the label will suffer a significant setback.
It’s probable that Don Jazzy’s aim to create a conducive environment in which to run a successful music empire has obfuscated his primary goal of founding Mavin Records in recent years. Having elaborated, no Nigerian record label can claim to have equaled Mavin Records’ achievements as one of Africa’s most organized and structured record labels in history.
Adesola Adewumi
Adesola Adewumi
Adesola is a purpose-driven man, critical thinker, problem solver, inner peace seeker, nature addict, writer, and a good listener. As a content writer, he has written several published and unpublished articles, as well as life-changing masterpieces on various social media platforms and websites. Adesola as an ardent knowledge seeker seeks to maximize various opportunities to grow, develop, and become productive in his world.

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