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Greetings everyone, I am sure we all know the meaning of the word “wash” lol. Well according to the unofficial dictionary of Naija street Pidgin, the word “wash” means to deceive someone into believing you are something that you’re not, that you can do what you can’t, that you have more than you actually do. MORE
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I love listening to the radio, not only because it’s a medium where you are fed spanking new jams, but also because of the talk shows. There are several Nigerian OAPs who I admire, at the same time there are others who I am not so fond of, mainly because of their fake accents! MORE
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It’s funny, I noticed that, as the number of upcoming artistes in Nigeria increases, the less we hear their music on the radio. Even though there isn’t any official statistic confirming a decrease in the amount of their content on the FM, it’s quite evident. All you need to do is listen to the radio and confirm for yourself. MORE
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Senegalese-American Entertainer, Akon has shared an interesting perspective on why Africa is better than America.
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It’s very common to hear Nigerian music lovers, fans and industry stakeholders say things like “rap no dey sell for Naija” and I often wonder why they are of that opinion? MORE